Learn How to Do Your First Wholesale Deal in Just 60 Days!

Have you tried starting a wholesale business but felt completely overwhelmed with where to start? Don't worry, that's totally normal! But what's NOT normal is staying overwhelmed & NOT getting the help & education you deserve!

Hi! I'm Jiries! And while there are many techniques and strategies out there to help you start & grow a successful wholesale business, what you really need is to first set the foundation. And I've got the PERFECT solution for you!

Watch the video below then scroll down to learn more about my Wholesale Real Estate Course that'll help you land your first deal in just 60 days!

Want Proof?

Jayquon shares how he got his first deal in under one month
from everything he learned in the course. 
The Wholesale Real Estate Course allowed him to SKIP all that DIY researching
and provided him with a proven framework & system of wholesaling that WORKS!

Jiries Story

In 2009 I left the military as a helicopter mechanic with no plan of where to next. A good friend of mine messaged me about a real estate opportunity in Cincinnati and thought I’d be perfect for it.
Little did I know that the opportunity would change my life drastically. He had introduced me to wholesaling real estate! Over the next six years I went on to wholesale over 1,000 houses and they completely changed the direction of my life. I used everything that I learned about wholesaling houses to move my real estate career to the next level. I went from wholesaler to a fix and flip method, then I bought and hold, and now
  • To fix and flip
  • To buy and hold, 
  • and now I invest in large apartment buildings and hotels
I can honestly say NONE OF THAT would have been possible if it wasn’t for what I learned wholesaling homes. Over the past couple of years, I’ve been helping people here in Cincinnati to learn how to wholesale houses, too!

A Proven Step-by-Step System (Value $2997)

In this course you get access to everything I spent the past 7 years perfecting, IN ONE PLACE!  This systems and methods have been proven and work!

Video Access & Members Portal (Value $1597)

You'll get LIFETIME access to our 6 module course consisting of over 70 videos! This is HOURS of video that have been developed to help you through your business! 

12 Weekly Live Zoom Calls (Value $1759)

We host weekly Q& A's every Tuesday at 2pm.  You can ask questions and get help on anything wholesale related!

Docs & Contracts (Value $1997)

Access to sales contracts, addendums, scripts for working with buyers and sellers, rehab calculator spreadsheet and more!

TOTAL VALUE: Over $8,500

BRRRR Invest Academy Member's
Exclusive Price only 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there any guarantees?

    No, there's not. I can promise you that if you put the work in and really study what we're teaching you will be successful.

  • How long do I have access?

    As long as this course exists, you'll have LIFETIME access!! We are always adding new content and you'll get all of that!

  • Do you teach virtual wholesaling?

    No, I dont. I teach real life one on one wholesaling. I've seen too many buyers and sellers get burnt by people trying to "astro flip" or "virtually wholesale" houses.

  • How do the Zoom calls work?

    When enrolled you will get access to 12 weekly zoom calls. After that, it doesn't stop! You'll have access to ALL of our Zoom calls as long as this course exists!

  • I dont know anything about wholesaling, is this course right for me?

    YES!! 100% yes! I had zero experience in real estate when I started. I believe that there's no better place to start than wholesaling to really learn real estate investing. You'll learn how to talk to sellers, buyers, investors, what a good deal looks like and so much more. This course is an excellent foundation for anyone at any experience level!

  • How many houses do I wholesale now?

    Less than 5 a year. Why? Because I moved on to becoming an Investor, like I want you to do. I currently own IGH, Hilton brand hotels and over 50 rental units. Wholesaling tought me the foundations of so many parts of real estate, and I want you to learn that too! I want to help you make that transition!